College Credit for Laughing

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It’s been almost a week.

I did it again, and I’m glad.

I am still excited.
I am still gratified.
I am still optimistic.
I am still inspired.
I am still enthusiastic.

Thinking about it now, I could replace “still” with “more”.

What is “it”?

The time I have been spending every semester for six years.
With the students in the Therapeutic Laughter course (MHAD2234) at
Columbus State Community College.

I get to peek into the future with these students.

They are preparing for professional careers such as health and human services, mental health, addiction treatment, developmental disabilities.

Yes, indeed. The future is looking VERY good.

Congratulations to Associate Professor Dianne Fidelibus, CLL-E.
She designed and teaches this unique one-semester, 30-hour, college-credit course.
She invites me to be a guest lecturer every semester.
I go.
Who wouldn’t be eager to see the future, and to see that it is good?


The two hours fly by.
We connect.
We ponder some important questions.
We laugh our heads off

The class is limited to 20 students.
This time there are 23. They are overbooked again.
It is the most popluar elective at the college.
(I am not surprised.)

CLICK HERE to take a peek at something they are learning (Wonderful Circle).

The World Laughter Tour Laughter Leader certification is built into the course.
Along with the knowledge and skills, students earn this very valuable credential.
They do good in the world, and they get good jobs, too!

Dianne and I are helping CLLs implement the fabulous curriculum at 3 additional colleges.
Maybe there’s a college near you that could benefit from the course?
Let us know.
We will team up with you to make it happen.

What fun!
What JOY!
Working together to Think Globally and Laugh Locally.

Steve Wilson, Psychologist
Founder of World Laughter Tour