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Testimonials From Laughter Club Members

These thoughts about “What laughter clubs mean to me” were contributed by some of the youngest and the oldest laughter club members in the United States.

  • The laughter club means happiness & joy! And it reduces stress & it helps you calm down more if your parents get divorced & it takes sad/bad thoughts off your mind!

    Author's imageDavid, grade 5
  • It makes me feel energized

    Irene, age 87
  • To me the laughter club is a way of having fun. I think of laughter as a beautiful Spring sky with a lot of children to play outside.

    Brittany, grade 5
  • It lifts my spirits for the day.

    Margaret, age 90
  • The laughter club to me means to have fun and to take a break from our day to be happy.

    Courtney, grade 5
  • This is my favorite program. I never want to miss it.

    Author's imageFlorence, age 86
  • In my eyes it means exercise in the lungs.

    Jane, grade 5
  • I look forward to the fastest-funniest-fantastic time of the month. It is a great tension-tamer & relaxer.

    Vi, age 81
  • To me the laughter club means a whole bunch of laughs that are funny and fun to do. Laughs are good for your health. The laughter club helps relieve stress and be more relaxed.

    Jonathan, grade 5
  • I’ve noticed a tremendous change in my lung capacity. My breathing is much better.

    Beulah, age 89
  • The laughter club helps relieve some stress and sometimes makes us feel happy if we’ve had a blue day. The laughter club is a part of our school and we enjoy doing the laughter club.”

    Sarah, grade 5
  • The laughter clubs seems to be a buoyant to the spirit. It can be what many of us can profit by; and especially to those who are living in retirement homes and the elderly who are lonely.

    Sue, age 85