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We are pleased to introduce you to Certified Laughter Leaders who are experienced and qualified to offer a variety of educational, business, and inspirational programs and activities such as: classes, talks, seminars, training, consulting, massage, and more.

1. To find the closest Laughter Club as well as programs & services of Certified Laughter Leaders within your local vicinity, take a look at the map below. You can use the +/- slider to zoom in on a particular location. You can also type in the zip code or the name of a city to find a more exact location.

2. See the arrow pointing to a gear symbol. Click on the gear. You can then use the distance slider to set a radius from your current location. Then click ‘Get My Location’. Click on the magnifying glass.

3. To find Laughter Clubs as well as programs & services of Certified Laughter Leaders anywhere, enter the zip code or name of the city you want to search.

4. After searching, if nothing within your region appears, then search in the Basic Directory. Currently there may not be any Laughter Clubs or Certified Laughter Leaders near you. Please call us at 1-800-669-5233 (USA & Canada only) or contact us for more information.

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Farmington Hills, MI, USA
Clarice Carter, PhD, CLL-E is the Certified Laughter Leader-Expert Level To brin.. Read More
Brighton, MI, USA
Shirley Darnell, LPN, is a Certified Laughter Leader Shirley Darnell is a nurse,.. Read More
Greensboro, NC, United States
Lundee Amos, RDH, MEd, EdD, Certified Laughter Leader – Expert Level Popu.. Read More
Storrs, Mansfield, CT, United States
Joleen M. Nevers is the Certified Laughter Leader. She leads laughter clubs and .. Read More
Sebastian, FL, United States
Nancy C. Johnson is a Certified Laughter Leader Laugh And Learn (LAL) is Nancy&#.. Read More
Cleveland Heights, OH, United States
(216) 538-3998(216) 538-3998
(216) 952-9558(216) 952-9558
Bonnie Paul is a Licensed Social Worker. She has been a qualified Certified Laug.. Read More
Albany, NY, United States
Arleen Stein is the Certified Laughter Leader is also available for Laughter Clu.. Read More
Houston, TX, United States
Jeanette Lazarofsky is the Certified Laughter Leader Contact her NOW!.. Read More
Grand Valley/Amarant, Ontario, Canada
Carol Hubert is the Certified laughter Leader, Expert Level To inquire about Ca.. Read More
Storrs (area), Connecticut, United States
Joleen M. Nevers is the Certified Laughter Leader She leads laughter clubs and .. Read More
Oconomowoc, WI, United States
In addition to everthing else, Kinza is a Certified Laughter Leader Learn….. Read More
St Joseph, Illinois, United States
Debra Joy Hart, RN, is the Certified Laughter Leader-Expert Level M.I.R.T.H. = M.. Read More
Columbus, OH, United States
Mirthful Movement Keynotes & Programs to Get Things Movin’! Nicknamed.. Read More
San Luis Obispo, California, United States
Julie Meyer, RN, BSN, is the Certified Laughter Leader, Expert Level Meets vario.. Read More
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