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Give Organized Laughter a Chance at Laughter Clubs!

Laughter clubs take place in many different settings. Business spaces, fitness centers, nursing homes assisted living centers, and community settings may participate in laughter clubs. A laughter session is organized around a laughter therapy program as a way to stay healthy, have fun and deal with stress. The sessions are presented by laughter club leaders, who use a combination of visual aids, playful activities and laughter meditation, among other tools that stimulate the body and mind.

People who attend laughter clubs enjoy the support of this socially and physically stimulating laughter program. They may experience discussions on the philosophies of laughter and Good-Hearted Living™ as they relate to healthy attitudes.

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  • Leaders may include a series of breathing, stretching, and laughter actions
  • Laughter for the joy of laughing, without jokes
  • Eye contact to enhance and stimulate laughter
  • All members laugh at the same time
  • The entire group laughs in unison to support members, while inhibitions melt away
  • Laughter club sessions typically last about thirty minutes, although this is very flexible and may be longer or shorter, as needed.
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