China, Here Comes Laughter!

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A World Laughter Tour Master Trainer is Bringing Laughter to China Conference on Aging!

Columbus, Ohio – We are excited to announce that our own Debbie Harbinson MHI, RN, CLL-E, Faculty Associate, Arizona State University, has accepted an invitation to present two important instructive programs in Nanjing, China. She will be traveling October 12-19, 2015. Deborah is a Master Training and Curriculum Advisor to World Laughter Tour.

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This educational opportunity is being coordinated by Fei Sun, M.S.W, Ph.D., John Hartford Geriatric Social Work Scholar Cohort XI, Associate Professor, School of Social Work, Arizona State University. The event is a Conference on Aging-Gerontology, sponsored by Amity Foundation.


Amity Foundation describes vision as: The modern concept of social development is different from the traditional concept of charity. It emphasizes people’s participation, sharing and mutual development, with the final goal of true harmony of the whole society.

Debbie will present a Pre-Conference lecture, “Palliative Care for Advanced Dementia”, and Conference Workshop, “Laughter: A Therapeutic Ally for Health, Happiness, and Peace in Aging.”

Debbie describes the workshop as an interactive session with discussion of the physiology of laughter and Good-Hearted Living™ as they relate to health, kindness, tolerance, forgiveness, and harmony. Participants will learn about a therapeutic session called a laughter club, which offers a systematic exposure to a combination of positive and playful activities along with laughter exercises that stimulate the body, mind and spirit of the older adult. Computer translation of Good-Hearted Living to Chinese.

Traveling with Debbie for this Conference is Dr. Anne Borik, Internal Medicine at Sign Chi Do. Dr. Borik will demonstrate her program “The Art of Moving Prayer.” The Art of Moving Prayer is a unique program intended to put prayer into action.

The conference will be attended by professionals, administrators, faculty, Social Workers and others who are involved with retirement communities.


Steve Wilson, psychologist and president of World Laughter Tour, said, “We are proud that Debbie will be representing World Laughter Tour and extending our reach to the world. Because laughter is a universal language, it gives us healthy openings to connect in harmony and peace.”

The World Laughter Tour was founded by Wilson in 1998 as a professional school and clearinghouse of information about the benefits of laughter and positive attitudes for health, happiness, and peace. Since then, thousands of individuals around the world have completed its professional educational programs to become Certified Laughter Leaders.

For more information: 1-800-669-5233 or email [email protected]
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