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Immerse yourself into a great book. Not just any ol’ book, but one that is sure to keep you laughing hysterically throughout the pages. The power of laughter can transition your mood any time of day, so grab one of these happy reads and enjoy!

Our Laughter Books are available in a variety of categories. Check each category for different titles.


World Laughter Tour founder, Steve Wilson, is also a notable author, psychologist and The Joyologist. He is considered an authority on the topic of therapeutic laughter and Good-Hearted Living™.

You will see a variety of his books, study manuals and audio CDs below:


Members of speaking organizations across the U.S. and in other countries will find the speaking and training books useful to engage audiences. Laughter is a great way to capture the interest of any size crowd, whether you are speaking for a small business workshop or a large group of hundreds.

All professional speakers should grab one of these great books:


Many of the World Laughter Tour organization’s Certified Laughter Leaders have used humor to inspire, motivate, teach and help their students. With so many informative and hilarious books written by authors near and dear to us, you can’t help but to laugh out loud at many of the witty and cleverly written stories. Each one of these books has an underlying principle; that those who laugh often live happy and fulfilling lives.

Browse these books:


Whether you need inspiration for you or a loved one, these inspirational books have a recurring theme. LAUGHTER and HAPPINESS. Using laughter to inspire others is not a new concept, but these books will help you forget about any worries or troubles, at least while you are reading.

Find your favorite inspirational laughter book here…


If humor is lacking from your life, then grab a Humor Book and let go. Forget about the problems and laugh your way to all of the goodness and joy that life has to bring. Life doesn’t have to be so serious! Let your sense of humor shine.

Read a humor book, starting with one of these:


Ahora ofrece libros de humor en español. Si prefiere leer en español, estos son especialmente escritas para ti. Reír, reír, reír, mis amigos.

Examine también estos libros de humor españoles:


Too many of us let stress build up, which can lead to other undesirable things. It has been proven that many health problems can be improved through the power of laughter. These hand-selected books can help you start improving your health, or you can read them to help yourself in the healing of a loved one. Get healthy by reading these heart-healthy books!

Choose a book that interests you, below.


Oh yes, of course we have books for those analytical types of people, too. Find scientific topics about the power of laughter, or just laugh at the concept if you’d rather.

Scientific books about laughter can be found here:


Applied humor involves the act of deliberate integration of humor into your daily circumstances. Whether for business or personal development, applied humor can be used as an effective motivational tool, especially in front of a captive audience. People listen more and even find a witty person more trustworthy.

Learn how to apply humor into your life with these great humor development books!