Aquatics Fitness Class is My Laughter Club

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Water is my favorite medium for fun and exercise.

For the past several years, Aquatic Fitness classes at our local YMCA have helped me restore my health.

I am grateful for this.

Every one of my doctors told me,”Don’t just go to the pool, get into a class. You need someone to yell at you!”
What they mean is that you work out harder and more consistently in a class than you do when you’re alone.

They were right.

Recently, Barbara Berry, the instructor of my Hydro Power class, completed the World Laughter Tour certification training in therapeutic laughter.

She is incorporating laughter club therapeutic games and activities into the traditional routine of stretching, strengthening, and cardio exercises.

Every Monday-Wednesday-Friday, I have an hour of this early morning health & healthy laughter workout.

I love it!

Prior to this happy change, people in the classes were cordial and friendly, but we dutifully did our exercises with grim looks on our faces.

Now, we smile and chuckle as we greet each other during our warm-ups and throughout the hour.

Our “Certified Laugh Guard” has incorporated the Witches Brew laughter exercise, the traditional 3 cheers/affirmations, Good-Hearted Living, emphasis on social support (“Together is better!”), and laughing-through-the-vowels for facial toning. We always end on a giggly upbeat note.

Could you do this at your gym or Y? I hope so.

I am your happy-and-fit swimming-pool-loving friend,


PS There are no porpoises at the Y, but loads of happy times and happy memories for me.