Our Goals

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Our Aims:

  • To create awareness of new techniques of therapeutic laughter all over the world, by imparting practical training of various techniques of laughter and setting up Laughter Clubs. In doing so, we can continue cultivating a spirit of laughter through the comprehension of different skills and means of Good-Hearted Living™ and apply them through laughter.
  • To understand how laughter therapy methods are most effective in various cultures, and to share that information.
  • To recognize the individuals and organizations that support similar philosophies of World Laughter Tour by honoring them with awards.
  • To continue publishing books, manuals, newsletters, workshops, webinars, CDs and other dedicated information on the topic of Laughter Therapy.
  • To bring people of various countries together with events which promote peace through laughter.
  • To create a membership-based organization for the support of World Laughter Tour as a self-sustaining organization.
  • To disseminate accredited training from around the world, and to develop models for advanced training opportunities; using traditional educational methods, as well as modern technological innovations, such as distance learning.
  • To develop a cadre of competent accredited trainers who will train and certify Laughter Leaders.
  • To promote the installation of laughter therapy programming within every long-term care facility in the United States, as well other sectors such as schools, government and workplaces; as an effective, reputable, professional program. These would be done on a fee-for-service basis, whenever appropriate.
  • To create a professional association for accredited Laughter Leaders and providers of therapeutic laughter programs, for the purpose of enhancing their credibility, while providing greater global access to these methods.
  • To sponsor international conferences, meetings, and symposia pertaining to the therapeutic benefits of laughter, introduction of laughter methods, and sharing of research related to these findings.

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