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Here are more worthy reasons to join us.

World Laughter Tour is the premier provider of professionalized education and training in Therapeutic Laughter.


World Laughter Tour, Inc., is an organization dedicated to education-with-a-mission for both health & human services professionals and lay-persons. Based on the importance of humor, laughter, and happiness for human beings, we have been putting new strategies for well-being into practice since 1998.

Our multimedia workshops provide enjoyable, interactive, participative, hands-on experience, personal coaching, and extended support.


PB142021Drawing on ancient wisdom and modern science, we show participants the attitudes and skills needed for personal healthy lifestyles.

The World Laughter Tour model is similar to many long-accepted adjunctive therapies that are familiar to the Western world, such as Art, Music, Activity, and Recreation therapy.

The curriculum is informed by an esteemed Professional Advisory Committee as well as Steve Wilson’s extensive personal experience as a psychologist and mental health educator.


PB142048Using the evidence from many fields of research and practice, our programs may incorporate laughter exercises, non-competitive games, music, movement, creative arts,Positive Activity Interventions, and neuro-sciences.

We set a high standard for our instructors. Only a handful of people are qualified and authorized to teach our courses and certify others. We know you will appreciate working with our faculty. They are warm, smart, and experienced; great teachers and terrific colleagues.



Through a Code of Ethics plus continuing updates from the sciences, we set a high standard of responsible practice for Certified Laughter Leaders.

Our 2-day course “How to Create Therapeutic Laughter” for health and well-being, has earned Continuing Education approval nationally for a variety of professions.

More than 6,000 individuals have completed our courses.



We require active participation in one or more update activities for re-certification. For example, we offer the latest books, specialized webinars and a yearly in-depth Advanced Workshop.

To be effective with therapeutic laughter, you don’t have to be a clown or even be able to tell jokes. If you are mature, responsible and cheerful, you will be a terrific Certified Laughter Leader.

Many retirees take our training in order to have a highly meaningful and satisfying avocation. They also may generate additional income.

All of this has served to make our certification highly reputable and desirable.

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