Answers to WLT Frequently Asked Questions

What is the World Laughter Tour?

The World Laughter Tour, Inc. was founded by Steve Wilson, with the fundamental concept of supporting, promoting, and spreading a global laughter movement. Its underlying mission is to create events that are designed to foster health and peace through laughter.

Is Laughter the Same as Humor?

Not exactly. Humor is personal, individual, and subjective. Laughter is Universal. The ability to laugh is innate within all human beings. Some of the world’s experts on the subject explain that humor is the psychological function by which each person decides what is funny in a story or situation, whereas laughter is a physical response to humor.

How Does it Work?

In the supportive environment of our therapeutic laughter sessions, clubs and events, participants learn how to laugh without the aid of jokes. Simulated laughter quickly becomes genuine, beneficial giggles, chuckles, and belly laughter.

What Happens at Laughter Club Sessions?

Members of the club gather at regular, appointed times in a designated place to take part in the laughter exercise workout and other activities that encourage playfulness, fun, and mental balance. They enjoy the social support, as well as the physical and attitudinal benefits. We also have discussions on the benefits of laughter and the concepts of Good-Hearted Living™ that lead to healthy attitudes.

Laughter club sessions are organized around a core, step-by-step program. A session may include other playful activities and sometimes a guided imagery laughter meditation may be presented.

How Long Does a Laughter Session Last?

A laughter club session can take place in as little as 5–10 minutes, such as during a workplace break, or at the start of a shift or workday. Anybody can participate in the exercises, because therapeutic laughter is very adaptable. For example, it can work very well in schools, nursing homes and rehabilitation centers. Occasionally, outings can be planned in advance, depending on the needs and desires of the group.

What Else Does the World Laughter Tour Do?

  • Acts as the International Clearinghouse for Therapeutic Laughter activities and Laughter Clubs
  • Provides Workshop Training on “How To Create Therapeutic Laughter” (with CE credits for activity therapists, nurses and other professionals)
  • Presents energizing and informative Keynotes, Seminars & Demonstrations for association & corporate meetings
  • Puts on public demonstrations, lectures, and support events such as for Cancer Survivors Day
  • Provides resources, such as books & CDs about Therapeutic Laughter
  • Fosters the organization and launch of local Laughter Clubs
  • Makes Radio & TV appearances

Why Do We Need a World Laughter Tour?

Stress, aggression, tension, pessimism, and poor health are worldwide problems. Modern technology makes it possible for World Laughter Tour to bring the benefits of laughter and humor as a form of therapy, wellness and harmony around the world.

How Many Laughter Clubs Exist?

Thousands of laughter clubs exist worldwide. There are hundreds of WLT Laughter Clubs within the United States and other countries. WLT Certified Laughter Leaders are active in Canada, Mexico, South Korea, Scotland, Australia, Columbia, Chile, South Africa, Israel, and more. The first officially recognized Laughter Club in the USA was chartered in June, 1999, in Orrville, Ohio, at the YMCA. New clubs are starting all the time.

Where Can I Find Laughter Clubs?

Laughter Clubs can be started anywhere there are like-minded people who want to laugh, do the laughter workout and learn about Good-Hearted Living™. Laughter Clubs are valued as a health option and associated with health-related organizations. Laughter clubs may play a valuable role in community support. Search for Laughter Club Locations on our website, or call 1-800-NOW-LAFF (in the USA and Canada).

Are There Any Special Space Requirements to Host Laughter Club Sessions?

Laughter clubs can be organized in offices, factories, health clubs, churches, schools, nursing homes, senior centers, neighborhoods, and the like. A laughter session can be part of any group or team who wants to have fun and stay healthy, while applying a unique tool for dealing with stress triggers.

How Does a Laughter Club Get Started?

The best starting point is with motivated people. Anyone who wants to be the leader of the laughter therapy and club sessions should complete the 2-day workshop “How to Create Therapeutic Laughter” or the Distance Learning Program.

Certified Laughter Leaders have opportunities for continuing education by attending Advanced Workshops, Webinars, Symposia and having access to specialized Resources. Additionally, we recommend membership in the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor, and the International Society for Humor Studies.

For more details, Contact Us.

How Can World Peace Be Achieved Through Laughter?

Today we are on the brink of nuclear disaster and widespread international terrorism. We are at war within ourselves, which is why there is a war outside in the world today. If we can bring peace within ourselves through the six practices of Good-Hearted Living™, then there will be peace on earth, too.

When is World Laughter Day?

The First Sunday in May is a day set aside to participate in laughter worldwide and to send a message that world peace can be achieved through laughter.

When is National Humor Month?

April is National Humor Month, which was established in 1976. Steve Wilson has been the Director of National Humor Month since 2008.

Where Can I Find More Information?

Phone: 1-800-NOW-LAFF (U.S.A/Canada)
614-855-4733 (International)
FAX: 614-855-4889
E-mail: [email protected]



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