A Special Kind of Gratitude

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When we start on the path of Good-Hearted Living, we set Wednesdays for practicing GRATITUDE. Very soon we realize that there are reasons to be grateful every day.

As I write this, the sun is about to set on a day set aside for a special kind of gratitude –Yom Kippur. It is a day when, in all humility, we take stock of the hits and misses in our lives. A day to meditate and contemplate where we have strayed from our good intentions to be kind and fair and honest and caring and tolerant and calm; as well as a day to realize that we have done a good job with some of them.

Sometimes, when ego gets in the way, arrogance masquerades as self-righteousness. Just being human gets in the way of our ever being able to perfectly fulfill our good intentions.

I took time today to reflect on where I have fallen short of some of my goals, and how grateful I am for the opportunities I have had to achieve others. I am keenly aware that everything I may have accomplished and may yet accomplish is because of others in my life.

With awe and humility I realize that thousands have shown me their love, support, and tolerance. They are my friends, teachers, and co-conspirators for a better world. They are awesome. They are incredible.

I want to return that love and support and my gratitude for it and, if possible, magnify and expand it.

World Laughter Tour is one of my families. I call us a beautiful family of merry mirth makers, but we are so much more than that. And, I am grateful.

And so, I want to do better. I intend to to do better in the days and weeks and months and years ahead.

May the coming year be one in which we are closer, more compassionate, and better listeners. May we have the strength to persist, to comfort one another, to lift spirits, and to continue to do good.

Looking forward with excitement and optimism.

I am grateful.