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Steve Wilson - Cheerman of The BoardIt takes a special kind of person to make an enormous impact. World Laughter Tour, Inc. Founder Steve Wilson’s passion for teaching and helping people began with an early career as a psychologist. His travels took him to a charming community in Mumbai, Bombay India, right next to the Arabian Sea, where he participated in the Juhu Beach Laughter Club as a guest speaker. Needless to say, he was hooked and fascinated by the concept of laughter clubs, which existed in India in the form of “Hasya Yoga”. This style integrates laughter with yoga and breathing for a total mind, body, spirit experience.

Although intriguing, Steve realized the need for adaptation to the Western culture of the U.S. After returning from the first laughter tour in 1998, he set out to design a blueprint for his vision to launch the World Laughter Tour brand. The overwhelming evidence of therapeutic laughter in its ability to heal, transform, shape and enhance the mind, body and spirit was something he wanted to share with everyone.

This burning urge to spread laughter has resulted in fifteen years of successful growth, including 6,000+ certified laughter leaders through the training program, thousands of participants in many non-profit organizations and businesses, as well as the visitors to the Laughter Clubs. Laughter is spreading its joy across many corners of the globe, and Steve Wilson has become an internationally recognized and award-winning icon in the “laughter industry”.


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    • Combats Respiratory Infections
      Vivamus condimentum, purus vitae
    • By increasing antibodies in saliva
      Decreases serum cortisol
    • Reduces Pain
      Releases endorphins to provide pain relief
    • Relaxes Muscles
      Muscular tension and laughter are incompatible
  • Health Benefits of Laughter

    • Positive Mental Function
      Changes perspective with improved mood
    • Changes perspective with improved mood
      Through cardio-vascular efficiency
    • Helps the Body Fight Infection
      Liberates numerous immune boosters
    • Improves Tissue Function & Growth
      Supplies nutrients and oxygen to tissues
    • Happiness Linked to Longevity
      Live a longer, more fulfilled life

…And Many More! Discover The Benefits of Laughter, Here.

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