Galveston, TX • JAN 26 - 27, 2017

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“Psychologist Steve Wilson Returns To Galveston, Texas, To Teach His Innovative Laughter Therapy”

Invited for the fourth consecutive year by Osher Lifelong Learning Institute and the University of Texas Medical Branch, Wilson will personally teach and certify Laughter Leaders in the two-day workshop that he designed and has been developing since 1998.

The Bernard Osher Foundation, headquartered in San Francisco, was founded in 1977 by Bernard Osher, a respected businessman and community leader. The Foundation seeks to improve quality of life through support for higher education and the arts. The Foundation provides post-secondary scholarship funding to colleges and universities across the nation, with special attention to reentry students. It also supports a national lifelong learning network for seasoned adults.

Established in 1891, the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) is a component of the University of Texas System located in Galveston, Texas. It is an academic health center and a medical school that is the oldest in Texas. It has four schools, three institutes for advanced study, a comprehensive medical library, three on-site hospitals (including an affiliated Shriners Hospital for Children), a network of clinics that provide primary and specialized medical care and numerous research facilities.


Galveston is a coastal city located on Galveston Island and Pelican Island, about 40 miles south of Houston, Texas. During the 19th century, Galveston became a major U.S. commercial center and one of the largest ports in the United States. Much of Galveston’s modern economy is centered in the tourism, health care, shipping, and financial industries. Galveston is home to six historic districts containing one of the largest and historically significant collections of 19th-century buildings in the United States. The Strand is a National Historic Landmark District of mainly Victorian era buildings that have been adapted for use as restaurants, antique stores, historical exhibits, museums and art galleries. The area is a major tourist attraction. Widely considered the island’s shopping and entertainment center, “the Strand” generally refers to a five-block business district, very close to the city’s wharf.

Professionals and lay-persons in health, human services, education, and business are welcome to enroll in Wilson’s 2-day workshop. Retirees find especially meaningful opportunities in the laughter program. Wilson points out, “The interest of many older adults, especially those who have retired, is in learning for the joy of learning – without examinations or grades – and keeping in touch with a larger world. That’s what they find in laughter therapy.”

“Find me at the workshop and I will show you! Hope to see you there!”

We always take away new ideas from the Advanced Scholars Workshop for building our therapeutic laughter practice, as well as for our business. We are always adding more people to our laughter family. Also, if you would like to save a bit on hotel rates, many of us choose roommates and some of us book each other a year ahead of time. Steve, our “Grand Poobah”, always has valuable knowledge and insight to share. Pam is a power/superwoman; on top of things, behind the scenes, and cooking up a storm of delectable desserts for our pleasure. Woo hoo! Can you sense my enthusiasm? Ha, ha. Those of you have not met me likely do not know that I love my association with WLT so much that my shoulder is the site of the ONLY WLT laughing world tattoo.

Helen L Bzdel - Saskatoon, SK

“See you in Columbus!!!!!”

If you haven't attended the Advanced Scholars Workshop, plan on it now. Take your calendars out and mark off the days. Do it NOW! Steve works really hard at making sure we all walk away with relevant information that will make us think and grow. Columbus is easy to get to, the hotel has always been very accommodating and nice, the price is well worth what you get....even months later. Above all, the camaraderie, the love, the support, the ideas, the fun and the new friendships you will create with fellow CLLs, will fill your mind, heart and soul until November rolls around again. This information is based on my experience of two of these workshops.

Julie Ann Sullivan - Pittsburgh, PA

“P.S. I am still LAUGHING! Almost with you know what running down my legs.”

Hello to all the magnificent people who joined together for an inspiring Advanced Scholars Workshop led by our OWN Joyologist, Steve Wilson and Pam >>>> We LOVE YOU! GRATITUDE for your time to organize the fun, presenters, and resources for all of us. No words can express my appreciation for your presence. Having CLLs share their lives with us touched me tenderly and with joy! KUDOS to everyone who shared and also for the many who could have presented their ways of spreading love and joy to the world. May you continue on your journeys of making the world a better place through laughter and love. JOY JOY JOY JOY DOWN in MY HEART!

Lundee Amos - Greensboro, NC

Now retired from private practice, psychologist Wilson, age 75, is an internationally recognized authority on applied and therapeutic humor and laughter,having won the Golden Laughter Award from the French School of Laughter as well as the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award from the Association for Applied and Therapeutic humor.

The stellar 15-point therapeutic laughter curriculumCapitalizes on evidence for the healing and strengthening properties of the psychology of humor, the science of laughter, and the experience of mirth. It is backed by a cadre of eminent scientists, researchers, and practitioners.  According to Wilson, the substantive curriculum and highly enjoyable workshop has earned several distinctions.“It is the only course of its kind,” he says proudly, “to be incorporated into college level coursework, and the only course of its kind to have earned approval as continuing education of Nurses, Social Workers, Activity Professional, and Case managers.”

Humor, laughter, and mirth have remarkable benefits of human beings for repair of health and prevention of illness. “In addition to being the most cost-effective stress-reduction therapy eve discovered,” says Wilson, “laughter therapy promotes values and attitudes for harmonious living and peace. Far from being trivial or juvenile, laughter holds benefits for people at every age.” He points out that this is especially important for the millions of baby-boomers who are living longer and in need of specialized senior services more than any previous generation.

Wilson cites reports of benefits with the aging population, but also in schools and workplaces, and in special unusual circumstance such as disabled veterans, acquired brain injury, and bereavement. He says empathically, “We need to get the whole world laughing!”

Included with the tuition, following the workshop, attendees participate in a full year of online follow-up coaching and consulting.

Initially, we offered our unique workshops for therapeutic laughter training in major destination cities like Philadelphia, Orlando, Dallas, New York, Chicago, and San Francisco.

Two main factors caused us to change that strategy. So, we have hit the road so that we can send qualified instructors to make the training available in smaller venues closer to the people who needed and wanted it, yet keeping costs under control.

  1. The economy changed making it more difficult for individuals to travel to destination cities for the training;
  2. We have a very ambitious vision for laughter therapy, but our goals for disseminating the training were not being reached quickly enough.

The Host-Site Partner program now makes it possible to schedule training virtually anywhere.
No matter how large or small is your town, we can bring the training to you, making is accessible and affordable for the local professionals and volunteers alike.

Reserve Your Seat as Soon as Possible!

Space is Limited! Place a Deposit of Only $110.

Our faculty of instructors are carefully chosen and qualified. Those completing the training subscribe to a professional code of ethics. “We learn there is a time to take ourselves lightly,” says Wilson, “but always maintain high standards of responsibility to the public who seeks the advantages of therapeutic laughter.”

Small classes make the training very efficient and allow personalized coaching for all attendees.

Although it is highly prized in the world of professional and lay-person training, World Laughter Tour keeps costs down by trading space for workshop tuition waivers. The current tuition of $395.00 compares extremely favorably with other professional training in health, human services, and education.

After two days of workshop training, attendees enjoy a full year of follow-up support, advice, coaching, and inspiration by membership in our online private communications community called the CLL Forum.

Membership in the CLL Forum is renewable. Many Certified Laughter Leaders have enjoyed participation for a dozen or more years.

WLT offers an annual Advanced Scholars Workshop, where experts from around the world present the latest science and methods that take laughter leaders and practitioners of laughter therapy deeper and higher.

Our Founder, Steve Wilson

Positive Activity Interventions

Speaking About Laughter, and What it All Means

Concurrent with the evolution of Gelotherapy (laugher therapy) and Gelotology (the science of laughter), there also is evolving a special vocabulary and conjecture as to why laughter therapy works. These will encourage improved understanding and communication.

“When the student is ready the teacher appears. When the teacher is ready the student appears.” – Albert Einstein.

Nobody is as smart as all of us together. That’s why at these events we are all teachers and all students. A few CLLs have prepared special sessions to help us focus on particular topics, but we allow plenty of time so that we all can share from a wealth of experience, intelligence and heart.

“What a fun workshop with super fun people.”

The Advanced Workshop was excellent and so much more than I expected. There was a great deal of new and exciting information shared that we can all use in our laughter experiences and personal lives. I was thrilled to meet you and Pam, and thought I was coming to a group where I would not know anyone. I was pleasantly surprised to have two people there I knew…Susan, my original laughter trainer, and my friend, Barbara, that I didn’t think would be there. The relationships in this group are clearly connected at a deep level and everyone offered their friendship and assistance with our businesses. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

Lucy King - Colorado Springs, CO

“With gratitude for the joy of laughter, learning and sharing.”

I lead a one-hour laughter session at a senior living facility last week and used concepts I had learned at the Advanced ScholarsWorkshop in Columbus with much success. Each year that I attend the training in Ohio my creativity is inspired and I am willing to try new activities with my groups. The amount of information shared and relationships nurtured in the three days is truly priceless!!

Julie Schultz - San Luis Obispo, CA

“YEAH to all the Certified Laughter Leaders!!!!”

I had the chance to meet Susan and many other great leaders, at the Advanced Scholars Workshop in November. It was an unforgettable event. I love being a Certified Laughter Leader and thank God for leading me to the WLT. Thank You Steve and Pam for always being there to enhance what we do and what we can then share with the world.

Madeline M Holstrom - Naperville, IL

Laughter Therapy is Being Applied to a Wide Variety of Settings

  • Mental Health
  • Education
  • Workplace
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Cancer Treatment
  • Indigenous Peoples
  • Creating College-Level Courses
  • Gender Differences
  • Death, Dying & Celebrating Life
  • AND Much More!

Reserve Your Seat as Soon as Possible!

Space is Limited! Place a Deposit of Only $110.

Payment Plans Can Be Arranged. CALL 800-669-5233 or

International Guests May Click or Call: 614-855-4733 EST

ONLY $440



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