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Who should become a CLL?
Who are the workshop faculty?
Will I be fully prepared in just two-days of workshop training?
What is the certification?
What are some benefits of my affiliation with World Laughter Tour?
Do CLLs charge a fee for their services?
Will I get entrepreneurial assistance from WLT?
Is this a Multi Level Marketing program?
Am I locked into the program or is there room for my own creative expression?
Is the program adaptable and flexible for various populations?
What is the private website and network support?
What are "Members Only" benefits?
What is the exclusive online Laughter Club & Services Directory?
Does WLT offer
Advanced Workshops or other Continuing Education?
Can I become a trainer for WLT?
Is therapeutic laughter widely accepted?
What makes this a valuable and worthwhile investment?


Who should become a CLL? You know this is right for you because you have an almost instinctive attraction to laughter and humor, and you know it must be good for people. You have a penchant for service to others. You want more laughter in your life and you want to help others get more, too.

Perhaps your friends or people at work have sometimes accused you of "having too much fun" because you are cheerful and light-hearted and laugh easily. Or, you used to laugh a lot more and you want to re-capture that laughter and get rid of some stress. Or, you have learned about how laughter is being used to do so much good for people from all walks of life. Or, you realize that knowing how to create a structured laughter program would be a terrific addition to your sense of giving, or your occupation, or your hobby (such as being a caring clown).

You are mature enough to deliver the programs responsibly, and you are cheerful. No professional background is required, but if you have one, you will find particular applications there for laughter therapy programs. 

Who are the workshop faculty? Our faculty of instructors, affectionately known as Poobahs, are experienced trainers, consultants, therapists and/or educators, with solid practical experience in conducting laughter clubs and a variety of other laughter programs.

Will I be fully prepared in just two-days of workshop training? Our basic workshop teaches everything you need to get started organizing and leading laughter clubs and other kinds of laughter therapy programs to show others how they can enhance their health and well-being through the amazing power of laughter and the attitudinal changes that come from our program of Good-Hearted Living(tm), preventing hardening of the attitudes. With practice, experience, and the continued guidance we give you, you will become more and more effective. That's when your fees increase, if you choose to charge a fee.

What is the certification? The World Laughter Tour is the only organization in the world authorized to confer the designation of Certified Laughter Leader (CLL). The designation is protected by trademark laws. The "Happy World" logo is also protected and may only be used by CLLs or others, with explicit permission. Normally, at the conclusion of the workshop, there is a graduation ceremony and the awarding of the certificate. It show that you have completed the required training and are entitled to be called a Certified Laughter Leader. If you have made application, you may also receive a separate certificate of continuing education credit for any of the professions that are approved.

What are some benefits of my affiliation with World Laughter Tour? As a CLL, you will have specific guidelines that allow you to use the trademarked images and logos of World Laughter Tour. These help you identify your affiliation with the top-notch programs of their kind. You may use them to create brochures, invitations, announcements, letterhead, business, cards, and banners. This privilege is exclusive to CLLs in good standing. Your tuition includes a one-year, renewable membership in a private website and international support communications network.

Do CLLs charge a fee for their services? You may deliver the WLT programs for a fee or for free, whatever suits you. Many CLLs do both, and we support you both ways. Many CLLs earn ten times the cost of training in just a few months. CLLS agree that the cost of training is really an investment, and well worth it. Others use the skills to contribute their programs for the good of the cause to various organizations of their own choosing. WLT is all about support for your good work. You can charge a fee for your services as a CLL. In fact, as you get better and better at it, if you like, you can get contracts for ongoing programs with schools, nursing homes, businesses. We help you do it with a fascinating workshop, substantive curriculum, extensive Study Guide, audio & video materials, advanced training, and entrepreneurial assistance. Life-changing experiences happen, and life-long friendships are formed in our workshops.

Will I get entrepreneurial assistance from WLT? WLT builds in many assists for CLLs. After all, whether or not you charge a fee, you still need to get the word out that your services are available; you must generate an audience. Success is not automatic, but if you are willing to put in the sincere effort for a worthy cause, with help from successful professionals, it is practically guaranteed. Right away, at the first training session, you receive a CD Starter Kit disk to get you launched with forms to be organized, publicity tips & guidelines, sample press releases, and more. Since 1998, WLT has enjoyed a magnetic attraction for positive media coverage. The good that CLLs do is the subject of more TV, radio, and print stories than we can count. 

Is this a Multi Level Marketing program?  No. This is not multi-level marketing. When you complete the training, you are independent in how or even if you organize as a business. Many CLLs develop or add to their abilities as paid speakers, trainers, seminar leaders, or provide other health-related services such as massage, NLP, Reiki, storytelling, and more. But, there is no financial connection to World Laughter Tour. When you generate revenue with your laughter programs, it is all yours. 

Am I locked into the program or is there room for my own creative expression? The basic therapeutic program structure you learn gives you a foundation for systematic, repeatable, appealing and desirable programs with healthy values, that still leave plenty of room for your personality to shine through with your own creative expression. We are here to guide you every step of the way from the moment you enroll, as you design your personal touches for the method.

Is the program adaptable and flexible for various populations? You will learn, teach, and lead a standardized, structured program of light laughter exercise and mindful attitudinal healing that is also quite flexible. The program can be learned and delivered entirely as chair exercises. Adaptations have been successful in bringing the program to those with mobility, visual, hearing, and cognitive limitations. Some CLLs have hearing or visual impairments, stroke, and cardio-pulmonary conditions. With proper training, and a doctor's permission, these conditions do not limit effectiveness and enjoyable participation.

What is the private website and network support? As soon as you complete the training, you have a one year renewable membership in the CLL private website and communications network. During that year, and every year when you renew, you are eligible for 24/7 support via a private website and communications network online.There, hundreds of CLLs, members of our esteemed Professional Advisory Committee, and Steve Wilson, answer your questions, provide encouragement, and share the latest new ideas 24/7. You never need to feel alone; you are always in good company with kindred spirits, and smart, dedicated laughter lovers who generously share information, inspiration and friendship. The annual renewal of this incredible support program in included with your CLL renewal fee which is currently $46.00. And, you can remain a CLL as long as you abide by the CLL Code of Ethics, and adhere to the WLT program structure.

What are "Members Only" benefits? As a CLL, you are entitled to create a login username and password for the WLT website. Then you can access a fantastic archive of additional news, research, and information, as well as special reduced prices on many item in the World Laughter Store online. We do this to show our appreciation for your good works, and to encourage the dissemination of laughter awareness to the greatest extent possible through CLLs.

What is the exclusive online Laughter Club & Services Directory?  For CLLs, we maintain an online directory of clubs and services where you can advertise what you have to offer. Along with your color hot, you can describe your laughter club, or seminars, talks, workshops on laughter, health or a variety of related topics. Being listed here is your way of letting your community know that this great new resource is available from you. It also lets you tell the world that you have more to offer. We put the spotlight on you and your services, giving you enhanced credibility and visibility. 

Does WLT offer Advanced Workshops or other Continuing Education? We have at least one Advanced Workshop every year. This is like a 3 day CLL home-coming reunion, held in Columbus, with art of the time spent at the home of our founders, Pam and Steve Wilson. Content always includes business information (marketing, promotion, etc.) as well as cutting edge, future-oriented ideas about improving laughter therapies. Another chance to form life-long friendships around laughter and happiness.

Can I become a trainer for WLT? As needed, experienced and qualified CLLs are selected to go through our train-the-trainer program, become instructors for WLT, and be assigned to conduct the official WLT training workshops.. This prestigious position is career advancement and an additional income opportunity, as well as the chance to contribute to a better world on a large basis.

Is therapeutic laughter widely accepted? We have made laughter a respectable, viable intervention for reducing stress, promoting health, enjoying life, and connecting the world. WLT laughter programs are being used in schools, hospitals, heath-care support groups, senior/aging services, and workplaces, as well as being offered to the general public. This is because we maintain a high-quality program based on solid science as well as ancient wisdom. We have worked hard to earn a well-deserved fine reputation for effective, standardized programming. As a CLL, more and more doors of opportunity are opening for you every day.

What makes this a valuable and worthwhile investment? If you are serious about laughter, having more of it in your own life and helping other do the same; if you want to promote happiness and peace for people of all ages, everywhere in the world; if you are looking for a satisfying volunteering experience; if you are looking for a change of pace from a traditional 'job'... this is a terrific investment for you, not available anywhere else. It is fun; it is gratifying; it is a personal development experience. Enroll today!


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Earning your continued trust and support is very important to us,
so we thank you for giving us the opportunity.

We believe that the world needs this program now more than ever. Therefore, we are striving to be more efficient and cost-conscious than ever.  We will work diligently to partner with host sites because we can bring the training to the host site and save everyone the money they would otherwise have to spend on travel and lodging. We will work to reduce overall costs by scheduling smaller, more efficient workshops, without sacrificing quality.



The curriculum is built with 15 specific learning outcomes and three overall objectives. Participants, including staff, various professionals, and violunteers will be better able to:
- Use information & evidence from modern research in laughter science,
Positive Psychology, peurosciences, and knowledge of ancient practices, in clinical, consulting, educational, and volunteer work.
- Help their clients, patients, residents, students, employees, friends & neighbors to choose and modify their life and work in healthy directions.
- Identify factors, especially the attitudes and emotions that improve health and increase happiness & life satisfaction.


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This schedule includes information about courses designed by Psychologist Steve Wilson
The ORIGINAL Accredited Training Program

"How to Create Therapeutic Laughter"

(Leading to the Designation of "Certified Laughter Leader")

and the NEW 2-day advanced course
"Delivering Happiness"
(Leading to the expert level designation)

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