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Date Posted
Subject Link
Dec 2009 MENTAL HEALTH Jokes that make you think, uh, well, they make you think!
Dec 2009 STRESS No joke: Laughter as stress-fighting therapy
Dec 2009 HEALTH A good sense of humour is one of the most important tools in your self-care kit.
Dec 2009 HEALTH Make a substantial investment in laughter.
Dec 2009 THERAPY What is humor therapy? A brief overview...,0,507522.healthwisestory
Dec 2009 APPLIED HUMOR Can humor help in the face of unemployment? Yes. If you do it right, and the audience is open to it, humor can make even the seemingly unbearable a little more bearable. Not a cure; respite. Perhaps a few moments of welcomed relief. If you do it right...
Dec 2009 NEWSLETTER EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it! Pass it on to a friend, too. World Laughter NEWS
Dec 2009 APPLIED HUMOR Laughing At Cancer With Zingers. Another excellent example of carefully applied humor & laughter as a strategy even in the face of catastrophic circumstances.
Dec 2009 APPLIED LAUGHTER A Laughter Club can do wonders on a college campus, especially around exam time.
Dec 2009 FLORIDA 2010 WORKSHOP ANNOUNCEMENT Warm your heart & soul with me in Florida in February. You'll feel good and the world will be a better place.
Dec 2009 APPLIED HUMOR Using humor to help people make healthy choices. Join more people who think this way and do good works at the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor,
Aug 2009 LAUGHTER BENEFITS Why Laughing is Good for You and How to Laugh More Often
Aug 2009 EVOLUTION OF LAUGHTER A thought on the science of the evolution of laughter.
Jan '09 Library laughter Come to the library prepared to laugh:
Laughter clubs help reduce stress through exercises
Jan '09 Senior Center

Reisterstown seniors set to laugh on way to better health
Laugh exercise sessions may bring peace of mind, says visiting laugh leader

Jan '09 classrooms Laughter Makes You Smarter
California Teacher's Association
Nov '08 treating illness Laughter therapy helps them cope with illness
San Francisco Chronicle.
Nov '08 stress-babies Is Laughter Good Medicine for Stressed Parents and their Babies?
November 24, 2008 10:04 AM EST 2008 by Vicky McEvoy, M.D., Harvard
Medical School
June'08 Laughter lasts Laughter predicted to last a million years. Short essay by Steve Wilson
Dec. '07 Laughter prevents abuse From Daily Yomiuri Online, Japan.
"Laughter seen key to stopping abuse"
Nov. '07 Humor from fear & frustrations "Military Wife Becomes a Stand-Up Comic"
Nov. '07

"10 Benefits of Laughter, and How to Use It"

Nov. '07

Laughter Really

Nov. '07

Indeed, Laughter is a good medicine

Nov. '07

Laughter Good for Children in Pain from Cancer Treatments

Nov. '07

Celebrity Comedienne Marcia Wallace beats breast cancer with laughter


Nov. '07 Video clips of laughing babies
21 Sept '07 Laughter Club Minnesota Loaded WIth Laughter: St. Cloud Minnesota
20 Sept '07 Laughter Club/yoga Peach Arch News, White Rock, BC, Canada
10 Sept
Good Humor man ministers to sick Story from the Miami Herald
31 Mar 06 You Crack Me Up Story from The Toronto Sun for April Fool's Day
30 Mar 06 Why We Laugh Report from WebMD
24 Mar 06 Laughter at Work Web report: April 1-7 is National Laugh at Work Week
18 Mar '06 Open Arms to Laughter Japan Times or 
14 Mar '06 Laughter therapy in cancer & medical facilities Seattle Post-Intelligencer, or 
14 Mar '06 Humor in business - with audio interview Central Valley Business Times

9 Mar '06 Learning to Laugh Again New Orleans The Times Picayune, March 9, 2006
Feb '06 The healing Power of laughter WebMD video report:
18 Nov '05 Laughter Therapists Times of India-Japan Laughing Away to better immunity,curpg-1.cms
27 Oct '05 Laughter Club in Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article on Bethel Park Library Laughter Club
27 Sept '05 Laughter Club Phenomenon San Diego Union Tribune - "Ha Ha Yoga: Groups gather for forced laughter to gain health benefits, and, no joke, they get it"  
14 July '05 Intersection of Laughter & Humor Mercury News, San Jose, California, "Comics dispense laughter as medicine"
14 July '05 Laughter & Economic Cooperation South Korea, JoonAng Daily, "The Healing Power of a Good Laugh"
11 July '05 Michigan Laughter Club The Tribune (Royal Oaks, MI) "Laughter: The Best Medicine"
4 June '05 Laughter & Weight Loss A Good Laugh May Help Shed Extra Weight
13 May 2005 Laughter Clubs ABC News: Laughter May Be The Best Medicine.
12 May 05 Humor & Healing Bottom Line Secrets, "What a Laugh, Humor Really Can Heal"
17 April 05 Quality if Life With Laughter Chicago Tribune:  The ha-he-ho cure Everyone's a class clown during a therapeutic laughter club meeting 
06 April 05 Laughing Through Life The York Times, Maine, 
21 March 05 Getting Business People Laughing The Times Herald-Record, Upstate New York: "Chamber does funny business"
7 March 05 Laughter, arteries, blood flow "Laughing helps arteries and boosts blood flow"  
2 March 05 Tucson Laughter Club Arizona Daily Star "Go ahead, laugh Tucson Laughter Club touts healthful benefits of stress-busting merriment" 
1 March 05 Laughter, Humor & Tragedy Daily Oregonian, Portland Oregon: "For leader of this club, everything is a laughing matter"
10 Feb '05 Hospice Laughter Club Daytona, Florida: "Laugh for good health, says hospice nurse" 
19 Jan '05 Happiness, Optimism, Smiling "HAPPY HOUR" - Psychology Today - 
28 Jan '05 Teens & Laughter The Banner, Orangeville, Ontario, CANADA; "Locals laugh their way to tv appearance" 
20 Jan '05 Humor and Oncology Journal of Clinical Oncology, Vol 23, No 3 (January 20), 2005: pp. 645-648
17 Jan. '05 Mind/Body Science The Funny Thing About Laughter
9 Jan. '05 Austin, TX Laughter Club It's not funny, so why am I laughing? Club turns giggles and guffaws into therapeutic workout. 
13 October 2004 Laughter Yoga - 
Wall Street Journal- Latest Hybrid Yoga Encourages Giggling Toward a Higher Plane
13 May '04 Boston Laughter Leader
27 April '04 Arizona Laughter Leader
2 May '04 Portland, Maine C:\Documents and Settings\Windows User\My Documents\AAA-World Laughter Tour\NEWS\050504-Life's a stitch, classes remind us.htm
13 April '04
13 April '04
13 April '04
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13 April '04
13 April '04
13 April '04
13 April '04
13 April '04
13 April '04
28 May '04 Facial expression & emotion
28 May '04 Facial expression & emotion
06 June '04 Laughter Leader in Ohio
06 June '04 The Laughing Brain: Classroom Lesson 1
06 June '04 The Laughing Brain: Classroom Lesson 2
08 June '04 New Orleans Laughter Club
08 June '04 Laughter on Campus (Provine)
08 June '04 Senior Citizen Month (Kwan)
08 June '04 Maine Laughter Leader
09 June '04 World Laughter Tour -
Christian Science Monitor
10 June '04 Clowns: friendly & fearsome
17 June '04 Humor in Ancient Egypt
22 June '04 Laughter in Florida


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