The Websites Listed Below Have Been Found Worthy to Receive the Laughter Website Award of World Laughter Tour, Inc.

This award is made in appreciation and recognition of deserving websites around the world that meet the following criteria:

  • Promote laughter and humor for their many redeeming values
  • Make people aware of the importance of humor and laughter at home, work, school, and in the healing processes
  • Show how laughter can make the world a better, more peaceful place
  • Provide resources for promoting laughter and humor.

Award winners are encouraged to attach this award to their website homepage, and display it proudly.

We encourage you to visit these websites and avail yourself of the resources you find there.

Please let us know of any other websites that you feel would deserve this recognition.

With this award we are pleased and proud to recognize outstanding contributions to humor and laughter for health and world peace.



Awaken Healing and Joy Dr. Lundee Amos, admired educator and administrator, now enhances the lives of others with healing touch, energy medicine and laughter sessions. She holds the following degrees: Ed.D. Curriculum and Teaching, UNC-G; M.Ed. Health Education UNC-G; B.S. Dental Hygiene, UNC-Chapel Hill. Since her retirement as Dean of the Guilford Technical Community College, Greensboro Campus, and Director of Faculty/Staff Development., Dr. Amos provides Laughter Programs for community groups, provides Healing Touch /Energy Medicine sessions in clinics at West Market Street United Methodist Church and formerly at Arbor Acres - United Methodist Home, and also performs and teaches as a clown (Lu Lu Pickels) with teacher, Edward McMillian (clown name Flaco) who sponsors the 4th and 5th grade clownettes at Florence Elementary School. She is also a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner, Healing Touch Certified Practitioner, Advanced Practitioner in Healing Touch Spiritual Ministry, an Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner, and a Certified Laughter Leader with World Laughter Tour. Visit her website at
As a previous comedian, as well as a teacher / administrator on both the high school and college levels, and now as a humor consultant and in his work with oncology physicians to uplift and inspire patients, Joe Cardone fully understands the importance of humor and laughter for wellness/ stress (mind & body), leadership, learning, creativity, morale, effective communications, and overall positive living. Visit his website
Traci Parks is the principal behind LAUGHTER-RX: The Prescription for a more productive workplace. A top-notch professional speaker, she is also a Certified Laughter Leader with a simple mission, to improve employee productivity & morale. Call 614.579.1900 or email: Visit her website
A company you can trust... Over 500 Smiley Products! is a family-run business with family values. We are completely customer-focused, with the goal of providing you with unique quality items that you will enjoy. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee because we consider you “family” at Bitwise and we would do no less for our own family. We care about every single customer and appreciate you shopping at !
It has long been known that laughter is good medicine, and now there is the Laughter Club, the latest in stress-reduction therapy. Derived from yoga and supported by modern science, the Laughter Club is a way that you can laugh your stress away. Trevor's program is titled, "Laughing the Stress Away." He has completed training offered by the World Laughter Tour, Inc., to become a Certified Laughter Leader and has organized and facilitated Therapeutic Laughter Club programs for a variety of different organizations. or (413) 204-8308 or
Deborah Rawlings founded Joy Journey Consultant Services, LLC as a means to help others increase their own sense of joy. She presents to audiences about the benefits of joy and laughter. Combining a dynamic approach along with methods for changing thinking patterns helps those who hear her embrace the more JOY FULL aspects of life. Joy Journey Consultant Services, LLC, embraces the ideals of World Laughter Tour, Inc. and shares the vision of helping to lead the world to peace through the use of laughter. Deborah is a Certified Clinical Social Worker ( LCSW-C) and a Certified Laughter Leader associated with the World Laughter Tour, Inc. or
TRANQUILITY BASED. Jean Summit-Riker, CLL. Business down; stress level up? Working harder but accomplishing less? Always tired? Never seem to be enjoying life anymore? I can help. As your Life Coach, I will show you the way to connect to your genius potential. By eliminating negative programming patterns that keep you from living the life you were meant to have, failure becomes success, and you become happier and healthier. It’s easier when you have a Life Coach to show you the way. In the tranquility of the “special place” we will create, you are free to explore new possibilities and experience empowering changes. As your Life Coach, I will teach you tools to reduce stress and rejuvenate mind, body and spirit. (631) 289-1371,
Debbie Roquet, Certified Laughter Leader, Davis, CA. The Laughter Company conducts workshops tailored to your group that include playful, simple to follow tension-releasing laughter exercises along with gentle breathing and stretching. An educational component is part of every laughter workshop. The length of the workshop can be adjusted to your groups needs. Laughter is a universal language which acts as a powerful social and emotional glue. The involvement of participants in fun, stress reducing activities in a group setting helps attendees bond in a special way. Call Debbie today for a happier tomorrow! 530-753-2413 or Toll Free 877-640-3718; or
Barbara Hee is a Certified Laughter Leader and, since 2003, a respected affiliate of World Laughter Tour (WLT). Her business, Lighten Up With Laughter, has taken Barbara many places to laugh with a lot of different people. Barbara says “Inside everyone is a laugh wanting to explode.” She blends a background as a teacher and as a successful sales manager. An optimist by nature, she believes that she “gets as much or more from the laughter programs as the other participants do.” No stranger to media appearances, she draws on all her experiences to become an entertaining speaker, educator and, most happily, grandmother. Besides laughter exercises, her programs include heart-warming stories that demonstrate the power of a positive attitude, visual imagery and many suggestions for stress relief. Contact Barbara at or
Laugh With Lucy King, a Certified Laughter Leader and popular self-proclaimed Joyful Laughologist. Her programs are inspiring, unforgettably fun, and exhilarating. When your organization or event calls for reducing stress, improving health, and just feeling incredible, contact Lucy at, and visit her website

A Certified Laughter Leader, Dr. Joel L. Schwartz works with organizations that want a more productive workplace that has reduced stress, improved communication, and loyal happy employees. He does this through content rich, fun filled programs. Joel engages his audiences with topics such as, "The ABCs of MDs (Minor Deities) with PMS (Privileged Medical Status)" "Peanuts for Physicians" and "How to Cure ADHD (Adult Deficient Humor Disorder).",

LAFOLOT! Welcome to the start of stress-free living, and learning how to get your daily dose of Inner Jogging! The purpose of LAFOLOT is to provide healthy, healing laughter resources (a.k.a. Laughter Therapy, Laughter Yoga, Laughter Wellness) to all as well as uplift and inspire the community through motivational/creative speaking, singing and writing. Helen Szollozy, Certified Laughter Leader,

LOL 4 Life. Connie Cooney is a Certified Laughter Leader (CLL) through the World Laughter Tour.  Laughter Classes or workshops are available in the Baltimore and Howard County areas of Maryland.  If you are interested in learning more about laughter and its benefits for your business, your party, your group, or your life, contact me for additional information. Connie Cooney MBA, CLL.                   , and
Tricia Sabol, Certified Laughter Leader, leads the "Reach for the Sky" laughter club in Raleigh, NC. "The laughter club programs that I present work well in schools, senior centers, long-term care and hospitals, workplaces, fitness centers, community centers and public parks." For details and more information, contact Tricia at (919) 828-5598, or, or go to
Helen Bzdel, a Registered Social Worker and Mental Health professional, is a Certified Laughter Leader, as well as Certified Laughter Yoga Leader. With this wealth of knowledge, she has organized the Laffing Out Loud Laughter Club in Saskatoon.  Helen is available for laughter club sessions and a variety of laughter presentations regarding the health benefits of humour and therapeutic laughter. To bring Helen to your group or organization or for details on customized programs, contact Helen at (306) 222-0563,, or   
Gwen Herb, Speaker, Author, Certified Laughter Leader. Gwen has developed a speaking program, "Looking Good and Feeling Great at any Age!"
Gwen's speeches give her audiences ideas to improve the quality of their lives through healthy diet and fitness routines.  She emphasizes life-saving prevention and precautions before problems arise. Her speeches entertain with amusing anecdotes from her life.
She is a co-author of a new book, with Deepak Chopra among others, entitled A Healthier You! and has a new book Looking Good And Feeling Great At Any Age! published in 2008. Life has a purpose! Gwen has followed her passion on living a healthy lifestyle and enjoys sharing her knowledge to help others do the same. Contact Gwen at (561) 487-1218, or
"Jest Laugh" Laughter Club. This club meets various dates, times and locations by arrangement with Memie Watson, who is the Certified Laughter Leader. A Certified Stress Management Consultant, Memie is available to come to your community, group or organization to give talks and programs about simple ways to make life more fun and less stressful, the lighter side of life, and the awesome health promoting power of laughter. For more information, contact Memie at 978-790-1963, or ,
Jan, The Military Comic. Motivational Speaker, Humorist & Writer. Jan has found a way to turn the hardships of deployment around into a creative and unique comedy act. Her husband was deployed for Operation Enduring Freedom with the MN National Guard, and served in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Listen to her antics of raising 2 teenage boys through 2 deployments, her work experiences, and what some of those military acronyms really mean! The comedy is not political and Jan does not comment on the war. Allow Jan to take you away and laugh about the day to day problems an average deployed soldier’s wife experiences, and how she finds a dose of humor better than Prozac!, and  

GRACIAS POR VISITAR NUESTRA PÁGINA - risoterapia - diverrisa - Desarrollo inteligente de las emociones - Formación lúdica y vivencial. Dinámicas encaminadas al crecimiento personal, profesional y gestión eficaz de las emociones. Talleres de Risoterapia y Dinámica de la Risa. Desarrollamos y organizamos eventos profesionales, animación de proyectos y presentaciones con humor para todo tipo de Organizaciones. SI ESTAIS INTERESADOS EN CONOCER MAS SOBRE NUESTROS SERVICOS PODEIS CONTACTAR CON NOSOTROS ENVIANDO UN e-mail a:

Humor Quest. Humor Quest. Mary Kay enjoys providing workshops on humor and positive emotionality. The relationship between cognitive research and learning have been the focus of her work for the past decade. Her book, Using Humor to Maximize Learning,  includes information on the benefits of humor, humorphobia, humordoomer behavior, humor development and humor style. A member of the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor, she is passionate about helping others find joy in their work and humor in their lives
I'm OK Laughter Club. This is a virtual laughter club, meaning it can be conducted anywhere a group of people might want to get together a enjoy the benefits of laughter, a natural pathway to mental & physical health. Maggie Kelley, a Certified Laughter Leader, with help from Ed Carmona (owner of ILC of Topeka & Lawrence), started the club in 2004. For more information about Maggie's club and speaking programs, contact her at 785-273-8523, or, and visit
Laughing Down the Pounds. Bryan Emler, CLL, created Laugh Down The Pounds, and he is a shining example of a person who is lighter in every sense of the word. This is an innovative workout program designed to help you shed pounds, and feel fantastic! Add a giggle, and lose a pound during our fun fitness sessions. This physical fitness program will introduce all participants to the physical and emotional benefits of laughter.
Wellness Endeavors. Carol Filkins, MS, CLL, specializes in programs that promote laughter, joy and stress reduction. With over 20 years experience in health promotion and wellness, her passion is helping people become more than they thought they could be . . . while having fun! Her fun, engaging presentations will actually have you laughing out loud, but Carol isn't a comedian. Therapeutic laughter doesn't require jokes (which is good-she can only remember two!) Carol's programs blend solid content, the latest scientific information, experiences and stories tailored to the group's needs.

Smile Presentations. Sally Shaver, M.Ed., is a professional speaker with a passion for putting SMILES on faces of people of all ages! With her combined expertise in wellness, education and entertainment, Sally will give an EXCITING, yet INSPIRATIONAL presentation at your next Conference, Luncheon meeting, Women's retreat, Church gathering, or All-day Educational Workshop. Attendees will SMILE, LAUGH and LEARN from one of Sally's presentations.

The Poopinator. Mary Andrews...I used to go through the motions of a routine, and think that was life. I was existing, but not really LIVING. It took the proverbial "wake up call" of a colon cancer diagnosis for me to realize that life is not meant to be merely tolerated or endured. There's MORE. Informative, inspiring programs that deliver truth with humor.

Another Way To See It
Heather Wandell, President, CEO and Certified Laughter Leader.

Laughter Workshops, Laughter Club, Author of Monkey Business---Better Business Practices Learned Through Monkeys, a monthly column. Be Prepared For Fun!

Shirley A. Dunwoody - Storyteller - Telling Stories since 1999. Heart-related stories for all age groups. Palm Coast, Florida. An experienced, warm, creative, popular presenter; and a Certified Laughter Leader. Her love of life is reflected in her storytelling. Shirley says, "May the stories you hear open the windows of your mind, your heart, and your soul." Contact her at 386.446.1793, or, or
Waukesha County, Wisconsin - Lake Country Laughter Club. Website has excellent links to Certified Laughter Leaders and other resources, information, events calendar, and a BLOG. The club meets various dates, times and locations by prior arrangement with Steve Sierlecki, the Certified Laughter Leader. He is available for laughter club sessions, demonstrations, and talks about the value of laughter for life. For more information, contact Steve at or 262-695-5688.
Debbie Hommel, CLL, DH Special Services - created in 1986, is an experienced healthcare consulting firm, dedicated to continuing education and consultation for the activity professional throughout New Jersey, New York, Maryland, and Pennsylvania, offering the Modular Education Program for Activity Professionals., (609) 698-9530
Alice Kinney, CLL, "Laughter to Go" - At my laughter programs you learn techniques to increase your personal potential through simple steps for increasing self-esteem, self-confidence, and over-all good feelings about yourself. Set yourself free from seriousness and realize the benefits of living laughter., 518 - 373 - 5748, .
Julie L. Negron, Cartoonist Extraordinaire, creator of the comic strip, "Jenny", an outstanding example of the power of "applied humor". Jenny follows the adventures of a young Air Force spouse determined to overcome the challenges of a military lifestyle. Drawn from the real lives of both contributors and the cartoonist, Jenny's experiences reflect the humor, ingenuity, and sheer determination necessary to be successful as the spouse of an active duty military member.

Read Jenny every Sunday in Stars & Stripes & every day in

David R.Mann,MA,CTRS,CLL... During my presentations I blend humor, storytelling, therapy, education, wisdom, and practicality. I'm more than just a Humorist, I provide meaningful and informative messages that motivate and inspire. Allow me to turn your next function (youth to adult, clinical, educational, church, civic organization, and/or corporate) into the most talked about and effective event your group has ever smile for others. For more information on Humor presentations, Speaking engagements, or Humor Therapy trainings visit
Neil Baxter's Laughter Therapy... Hosted n the UK. Please note: This is a non-profit-making site; money is not the main goal of the author; his interest is in promoting the use of humour and laughter as a therapeutic tool! If anything on the site makes you feel good, or is beneficial in any way, then the author feels that he has achieved something worthwhile. Loaded with resources!
Rainbow Connection...Inspiring creativity, fun and healing. Rainbow Connection offers fun and interactive workshops to spark creativity for personal and professional growth. These unique programs help reduce stress, promote healing, improve communication and prevent "hardening of the attitudes". Rainbow Connection is owned and operated by Shelley King, a Certified Laughter Leader and Expressive Arts Facilitator in Haliburton Highlands and provides services throughout Ontario.
United Mind: Lotte Mikkelsen. I specialise in holistic therapies and laughter yoga. My aim is to provide therapies and workshops that make a difference to individuals and organisations. Through my work I intend to bring Holistic Therapy into the 21st century as a powerful cutting-edge treatment that brings results to real people. 3 Wood End,
Park Street, St. Albans, Herts,
Laughter Australia: Your laughter leader is Cris Popp, consultant in innovation, facilitating good decision-making for large and small organizations, and training people in the delights of lateral thinking. Looking for something special for your next event or training day? A fantastic ice-breaker? Something that will get everyone well ... pulling together? Then go to
IVY PUSH, RN: Hob Osterlund, RN, MS, CHTP, is a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Pain Management in Kauai, Hawaii. She received her Masters' from the University of Hawaii and has been exploring humor in health care for more than 20 years. She's been traveling the country performing Ivy Push, RN since 1996.Wherever she goes, Ivy Push leaves audiences holding their sides and searching their hearts. She’s got an attitude molded by 40 years of hospital nursing. Of English-Irish-Scottish- Hawaiian-Chinese-Portuguese descent, Ivy speaks with the inimitable "pidgin" accent of the Hawaiian Islands.
Beyond Explanation. Dorothy Sessa helps you get the most out of everything you do.
The Power of Laughter. Gail Hand: America's Funniest Corporate Success Guru for everyone from college Students to Corporate Executives!
Leslie Ahern CLL and Paul Antokolsky CLL - Reach The Laughter Couple at, which is the home for the Greater Boston Laughter Club.
Clifford Kuhn, M.D., America's Laugh Doctor. A psychiatrist, and the former associate chairperson of the University of Louisville's renowned Department of Psychiatry, Dr. Kuhn teaches people and organizations to be more healthy and successful through the use of fun and humor. "Turbo-charge your health, success, and vitality!" Tons of fun, free ways for you to maximize your sense of humor, and enjoy a life others will envy.
Laugh It Off! Learn to use laughter to your weight-loss advantage. Book, laughter CD, recipes, tips and more, from Katie Namrevo.
Speaker/humorist Mike Moore. Improving lives and relationships one laugh at a time.
Patricia Morgan (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) lightens your load and brightens your outlook. With her uplifitng, insightful and fun message, Patricia leaves you inspired and enlivened!
Ser Feliz [Being Happy]. This Venezuelan organization, headed by Nekane De Leniz, is dedicated to the mission: TO BE HAPPY AND TEACH PEOPLE TO BE HAPPY. The slogan: Se feliz y unete a la felicidad en Dios. The website is in Spanish now but look for more material in English soon.
HumorCare Schweiz. Gesellschaft zur Förderung von Humor in Therapie, Pflege und Beratung. Society for the promotion of humor in therapy, care and consultation. This dedicated group is headquartered in Switzerland where they promote therapeutic humor and laughter. Their website is in German at present.
LACHYOGA NEDERLAND. (LACH = Dutch for SMILE) The Dutch/English bi-lingual site of Laughter Yoga, the first in the Netherlands based on the concept of dr. Madan Kataria. Wil Hendriks, has been a nurse in a mental hospital. He practised hatha-yoga for several years and is always interested in human welfare. As a volunteer he works for the Dutch Make A Wish Foundation who fulfill wishes for children in the age of 3-18 years with a serious illness. . He does living statues, acting, clowning and hosting.
Laughter International. Laughter International began in August 2001. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the founder
of Laughter International knew the power behind laughter was needed in today's fast paced, stressed
world. Since that time, Carla Riechman, president of Laughter International has been leading laughing
sessions where people experience the profound emotional release and blissful peace often
experienced by many workshop participants after her sessions. 
Lighten Up and Laugh. Laughter Club. This laughter club is sponsored by Longview (Texas) Regional Medical Center. This club meets First Monday of each month at 2:00 PM, at Senior Friends Center, 3000 North Fourth St. 903.232.3878. It also meets every other Tuesday at 1:30 PM, at the Skilled Nursing Facility/Physical Rehab, 2104 Airline Dr.. For information and details about laughter programs go to
Inspiration With Fun-Loving Fenton. Welcome to my homepage! Prepare to be inspired, enlightened, and entertained. Visit this site often. It's updated regularly with new stuff. There are great links to other sites in here. Come in, relax and enjoy!
Laughter Works Australia helps people get in touch with that little person through games, toys, dressing up, temper tantrums, bubble blowing, belly laughs and many other interactive activities. Contact Bronwen Williams,
Laughter, Relaxation, Coping with Addictions (Karel Nespor, MD, PhD). A bi-lingual website originating in the Czech Republic. Dr. Nespor is a specialist in psychiatry, who learned yoga laughters in 1968 at the age of 16. He is also scientific secretary of the Czech Society for Addictions, has written more than 30 books about the treatment of addictions, yoga, relaxation and psychotherapy, two published books of poems, and over one hundred medical papers.
Valby Latterklub (Copenhagen Dance and Laughter Club). Join a laughter-Yoga Party! Celebrating laughter and dance. Meet with people in openness and joy. At a party with an intimate and caring atmosphere. And experience exciting lectures about spirituality, love, humor and personal growth. Contact Begitta Madelene Blahaut,
The Cancer Club. Whether you are newly diagnosed with cancer, a long-term survivor, or a friend/family member of a loved one afflicted with the disease, we're glad you've found us. Our wish is to bring joy and laughter back into your life. We hope you will visit us often, and that the products and services we have to offer will brighten your day. Keep your spirits up, and Don't Forget to Laugh! Christine Clifford, CSP,
Laughter Works Seminars. Laughter Works Seminars is dedicated to providing the highest quality, most humorous presentations humanly possible, for a more productive work place. These educational, entertaining keynote programs, seminars, and skillshops combine humor with the latest communication theory and research.
Lenny Ravich - Israel. Lenny Ravich, director of the Gestalt Institute of Israel facilitates workshops and presentations on the subjects of "Upgrading Your Humor Quotient For Improved Business," and "Optimism For Self Esteem," in Israel and throughout the world. He is the author of the best selling book, "A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Enlightenment."
Christa Burger - Austria. Laughter workshops, clubs, and information in Vienna, Austria. Lust am lachen, lust am leben,
Joyce Kaye Comedy Enterprises. Custom corporate comedy, comedy roasts, laughercise. Member: National Speakers Association. Parkland Florida,
A Funny Business. Carole Fawcett (aka. Flower, Myrtle Snodgrass) is the Okanagan Valley's only Certified Laughter Leader, and the founder of Kalamalka Caring Klowns of Vernon. She teaches "new" clowns the art of therapeutic clowning. and is an experienced speaker who delivers entertaining, informative and educational workshops to a wide variety of organizations and businesses.
Aleksander Lamek, a journalist in Poland. How to be Happy. This electronic magazine is for people who want to be happy, who are happy, but want to be more happy or who want to meet new happy people.
World Peace Clowns, a nasal diplomacy project. We are a non profit organization that is dedicated to charitable humor missions worldwide, helping children and the elderly.
Shobana "Shobi Dobi" Schwebke, world renowned caring clown, author, teacher, artist, editor/publisher "Hospital Clown Newsletter",
Dianne Marston, CLL, ala, LoonieTune the clown. * Entertainment tailored to meet the needs of the client * Birthdays * Conferences, Seminars * Corporate and community events - Team Building * Mascot * Nursing homes * Parades * Presentations - Self-esteem - Humour and Healing * Special needs groups * More.
Barry Roberts, the fun speaker with the valuable message, is about improving your company by improving the lives of your people.
Ronald P. Culberson, MSW, CSP; Ron works with organizations who want their people to lighten up while maintaining a focus on what really matters.

Humor Doctor; PURPOSE: To share; help; inspire; motivate; to entertain, and to try to encourage people get more humor and creativity into their lives.

Pamela Tracz, RN, SCM, Hamilton, Ontario’s Woman Of The Year In Communications; Certified laughter Leader. Helps Companies successfully implement change, and individuals who want to live “Happier, Healthier, Heartier” Lifestyles.
Lori Thompson, LCSW; Humor by Lori, Coaching, consulting, programs and more.
Ted Schredd, The Source for Fun,; Lonsdale West RPO, North Vancouver, BC, Canada.
Kitty Stallings, Laughing Music CD: "Laughing All the Way";
Lisa Wessan, MSW, CSW, CLL, New York City. Laughter Therapy and Laughter Clubs,
Australia, Western; Laugh WA, Ian Hall;
New York City Laughter Club; for meeting and event information contact Stephan Wischerth, Certified Laughter Leader,, and visit
Austria, Vienna; Lachen Lieben Lernen; Ellen Müller;
Sweden, Pauline Salzer, Skratt i Mälardalen,
a.k.a-All Kidding Aside, Jenny Herrick, Certified Laughter Leader, a popular speaker on the subject of the psychological and physiological benefits of humor and is a living example that it works!
Lola Gillebaard, Professional Speaker, Laugh & Learn With Lola; Laguna Beach, California;
Sweden, Charlotte Schanner, SchannerUnlimited;
Sweden, Maud Skoog Brandin - Kalmar, International laughter club Sweden;
Yvonne Conte, Director of Fun, Crack-a-Smile Seminars; Rochester, New York:
Aleksander Łamek, Poland, Warsaw:, (smiech in Polish means laughter).
Diana Jordan, "One of the funniest people on the planet," says Oprah. Diana is a Certified Laughter Leader and a veteran humorist, stand-up comedienne, motivator, author, and celebrity;
Yael Friedmann, Massage2Relax (relax to the max). Yael is a Licensed Massage Therapist as well as a Certified Laughter Leader. What a combination! Chicago, IL.
Lynn Shaw, Laughter For Life, offering keynotes, workshops and retreats (and laughter clubs). Lebanon, Indiana.
France,; A Laughter club in the south of France, Montpelier.
Netherlands,; A Laughter club and resource for seminars, speakers, etc..
Walt Solutions, Walt Stasinski, MEd, MPH; Troy, Michigan; Solutions for the real world.
HLATUR, Kopavogur, Iceland: Valgerdur Snaeland Jonsdottir, (This website is in Icelandic. For more information e-mail:
Jens Birkmose, Scandinavian Humorprojekt, Denmark;
Roz Trieber, Humor And Health Associates, Owings Mills, MD;
Sandy Dorrian, The Chicago Laughter Club. Sandy is a Certified Laughter Leader bringing the World Laughter Tour Program to the Chicago area;
Bernie DeKoven, DeepFUN: A Playful Path to Wholeness, Redondo Beach, CA,
Cathy Raphael, PLAYSHOPS, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania;
Kate Hull Rogers, Britain's Premier Humour Consultant;
Steve Rizzo, PHB (Professional Humor Being); Laugh It Off Productions;
The Happiness Project, Oxford, UK; Robert Holden;
Complimentary Medicine Association, Pioneers in Integrated Medical Education; headquarters in Tucson, Arizona;
HOHO-HAHA, Laughter Club connection in Germany; Oliver Luda;
Mary Starshine, Allentown, Pennsylvania; Mary Lilley-Thompson is "...a crazy, wild sage of a woman." Professional speaker and humorist. "Enightenupper";
Miss Loosie, Calgary, Alberta, Canada; Cheryl Oberg: "A full-hilarity clowning, entertainment, and decorating company."
December 2001
Creatively Speaking; Rochester, MN; Randall Munson, CSP;
The Laughter Club of Australia, Jane Yip, PhD; Indianapolis, Indiana;
October 2001
Crack-A-Smile Seminars; Rochester, NY; Yvonne Conte;
Sensational Speakers, Inc.; Westerville, Ohio; Steve and Marie Pollack;
Humor Consultants, Inc., Columbus, Ohio; Phil Sorentino;
September 2001
Humor For Your Health, Calgary, Alberta, Canada; Dan Gascon;

European Laughter Society, Berne, Switzerland, Dr. Roland. Schutzbach;

August 2001
Bobbe White, Quincy, IL, Professional Speaker, Try Laughter;
Jim Baldwin, Smileseekers: a "Ministry of Love" to seniors in care facilities;
Dr. Dale Anderson, Roseville, Minnesota,
July 2001
Family and Company, Canada's most unique toy store; Stratford, Ontario,
Rudiger Zell, Laughulus Music Show, Germany,
Simon Spiff, Silly Sensation, Alaska,
Clifford C. Kuhn, MD, The Laugh Doctor, Kentucky,
Jeanne Bassis, Great Barrington, Massachusetts,
R. Bruce Baum, Ed.D.,
June 2001
Jolene, Fun Specialist (Seattle),
May 2001
Germany, Frankfurt
YaaYaa the clown,
Inflection Point, Inc.,
Christopher Williams aka Giggles,
Michael Kerr, CLL, Speaker/Trainer/Author/Nice Guy,
April 2001
Karen Lee,
Brian Wilkinson (Brino, the clown),
Dr. Lee Berk,
David and Michelle Riklan,
Mike Moore,
March 2001
Humor and humor links,
Dorothea Keeling,
John Cantu,
Health Central,
February 2001
Dr. Susan Horowitz.
John Irvin,
Stephan Wischerth,
January 2001
Trisha Yeager,
Leslie Gibson,
Joseph Michelli,
Dale Anderson,
Karyn Buxman,
Jacki Kwan,
Steve Wilson,
Laughing Lotus Yoga Center,
November 2000
Swami Beyondananda, Steve Bhaerman,
A Place Two Be,
October 2000
Cliff Thomas, The Philosophical Pharmacist,
September 2000
Franciska Munck,
John Ahern
Terrill Fischer
Rob Kall, M.Ed.
Allen Klein
Maud Skoog Brandin
Lynn Shaw
June Cline
Patty Wooten,
Annette Goodheart,
Paul McGhee,
Mark Darby,
Steve Sultanoff,
Izzy Gesell,
Carolina HAHA (Health And Humor Association),
Nola Nurse and Dr. I. Fixem (Mona and Lin Webb),
Jeff Justice,
Regina Barreca,
Rosemary Verri,
Scott Friedman,
Dale Irvin,
Jim Pelley,
Eddie Leigh,
Loretta LaRoche,
Dave Schwensen,
Rob Kall,,
Gail Howerton,
Sherry Hiller,

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