Helen Bzdel: Laffing Out Loud Lafter Club

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Laffing Out Loud Lafter Club

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Helen speaks with authority and experience about the benefits of balancing life with humour and laughter at work and in personal lives.

Helen Bzdel BA, MSW, CLL-E

A clinical Social Worker for more than fifteen years and a private practice Social Worker since 2008, Helen has just the right combination of warmth and expertise to help people along their life’s journey.

In a most enjoyable way, she teaches self-care strategies and well-being, including the remarkable benefits of humour and laughter.

With a keen mind, warm heart, and cheerful disposition, she blends her expertise with unique perspectives of a mental health professional and a single parent.

Helen has touched thousands of lives with laughter, through a variety of programs to a wide-range of groups and organizations from school children to corporate employees to aboriginal populations to seniors to the most dangerous and violent incarcerated men and women. They all benefit from her programs.

She is the Canadian Trainer for World Laughter Tour.

Her laughter club, “Laffing Out Loud Lafter with Helen” is offered

one Tuesday a month from 7:15 pm – 8:15 pm.

Call or write for details.
For more information about bringing Helen’s popular programs, tailored to your organization, business, group, or community, contact her NOW!

Name: Helen Bzdel
Company: Laffing Out Loud Lafter Club
Address: Saskatoon, SK, Canada
Phone: 306-222-0563
Certifications: MSW, RSW(SK), CLL-E